Statement of Solidarity



Dear Prescott College Community,


This week has reopened many of the wounds felt by communities across the country mourning the loss of their loved ones at the hands of police violence. On Sunday, Daunte Wright was killed by a police officer 10 miles from the courthouse where George Floyd’s family attended the Chauvin murder trial. Also this week a video was released showing a Chicago police officer shooting and killing 13-year-old Adam Toledo. These tragedies, and so many others inflicted on Black and Brown communities, call us to do the work to understand the origins, functions, and impacts of law enforcement in our society and to collectively address systemic racism by reimagining safety, prioritizing care, and building projects to transform our systems and institutions to support equity and healing.


We are very fortunate to have internationally recognized organizers and scholars of abolition on our faculty. I highly encourage you all to attend a webinar tomorrow where some of these faculty members will share their expertise framing this moment from an abolitionist perspective in the context of these recent events.


As always, anyone experiencing difficulty in processing these or other traumatic events is invited to contact our Counseling Services, listed here, for support.  


En solidaridad,


Anita Fernández

Chief Diversity Officer, Prescott College