Statement on Violence Against Asian, Asian-American and Pacific Islander People

Stop AAPI Hate



Dear Prescott College Community,

I write today with sadness and outrage and to express our solidarity with all those affected by the horrific mass shooting in Atlanta. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims, six of whom were of Asian descent and seven who were women. Stop AAPI Hate has documented more than 3,000 counts of anti-Asian hate crimes since March 2020 including this tragic event, a direct result of the racism and misogyny being fueled by misinformation during a global pandemic. 

As an institution with a social justice mission, it is our responsibility to denounce these targeted acts of racism on the AAPI community and on all our communities impacted by white supremacist violence. It is also our responsibility to be historically literate in all forms of oppression. Anti-Asian racism has a long, painful history in the U.S. and in Arizona, from the Chinese Exclusion Act to the Arizona internment camps. Our understanding of this past is critical to inform our actions to fight back against these cycles of oppression continuing.

If you encounter any acts of intolerance or bias in our community both on campus and online, please submit an incident report or contact me or Kristine Preziosi directly. Anyone experiencing difficulty in processing these events is invited to contact our Counseling Services, listed here, for support. 

In solidarity and with a heavy heart,

Anita Fernández, Chief Diversity Officer